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XzanianHappy Birthday ElSpec7
RayrayBattlefield V open beta is active. See ya all in there
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ahhsoulcyb   definitely not over here! got banned for 48 hours , and a warning from EA , whom hacked my acc. & removed it .
Unknown User  added 90 Advanced days to Brothers of Warfare
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RandomG   registered to Brothers of Warfare
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Hamo   hey bro
Hurachai   well hullo bro!
AceChamp9878Happy Birthday TommyIsPro
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Bloodrat   registered to Brothers of Warfare
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AceChamp9878   Welcome Bloodrat
RayrayTeamspeak Updates

Hi guys, I have made a few updates to teamspeak.
- Guest now only can join the lobby and looking to play. they need to be moved by a member to another channel
- Members can now move guest
- Channel permissions have been modified
- File Browser is the only place for files
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Natemax431   First
AceChamp9878Happy Birthday L.T smash
RayrayHey guys
Over the next month or two I will be changing the way that teamspeak is working. As you are aware bf5 is coming out soon and we are looking at running a dedicated server. This will start to have a high user rating in ts. We will be heavily focusing on recruiting more players to the clan. For this to work smoothly and minimising any unwanted guest the rules application will be changing for all accounts. I will update you all on the website of any changes that happens. If you have any expressions of interest for changes please advise me. The main focus rules that will be implemented are access levels to group policies. Looking To Play channel has been added to ts for the simple reason, Looking to play. This channel will help for ts users who are looking for another user to join with. I will be looking into the password option been removed to allow recruiting guest and non members to join ts but restricted to join the lobby and Looking To Play channels. Having this option with then grant members access to be able move a guest to their channel. As these rules are being implemented if you have any problems signing in to ts please advise me or hammo as soon as possible so we can rectify the issues asap either on this website or facebook or you can email me on [link]
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HurachaiHappy Birthday Felixcalm!!! Lolwut??? Who dafuq is Felixcalm?????
HurachaiWebsite renewed for another year fella's!!
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scotty876   registered to Brothers of Warfare
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Rayray   Welcome to the clan Scotty
Unknown User  added 90 Advanced days to Brothers of Warfare
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Hamo   who this
Natemax431   Fuckin' Ray Lol. He didn't log in. xD
Rayray   rayray fucked up lol
mavdcdoes anyone play Far Cry 5 ?
Hamo   on ps4
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